Science by Consensus – How Science gets Used as a Front by Government

Richard Branson explains his point of view in this video on the climate control debate. He believes it’s important to balance carbon output to overcome global warming problems. His claim, just as many others involved with environmental movements are, the science has been proved. Well, has it? According to the government-funded scientific community that has the general media as its public voice, it has. Many others, look at the overall data and see the computer predictive models were way off and the planet has actually cooled forming more polar ice.

ImageIt becomes apparent the reason government centric studies prevail are the motivations behind those funded research programs. The United States has moved toward a trend of more centralized authority, it has found the cost to run all those programs are quite high. In order for this progressive grand scheme to continue, additional revenues are required. Tax increases are generally not seen as popular by those paying them and in order to make this become more palatable, the global warming myth is the perfect vehicle to expand the trend of a government planned and controlled economy. The hope to go along with this expanding central planning authority is an increase in taxes which can be collected through a carbon tax. Now the nations in the U.N. find this particularly attractive because they see the U.S. as this rich nation which can provide more funds to be squandered by them in a pretense that they are doing good works from the anticipated revenue share.

The proliferation of environmentalist lobbyist groups, interests in carbon trades and federal subsidies for business, grant-hungry university science organizations and many hidden from view special interests will not only lose credibility but their precious revenue streams as well. The latest from the IPCC if it’s going to be honest will show there has been a pause in global warming starting in 1998. This pause has continued for 15 years with no signs of resumption. There has been an ad hoc theory which suggests the missing heat was absorbed by the ocean, but it’s still not able to conclusively prove why the polar ice caps, said to be ‘disappearing at alarming rates’ have actually increased.

Polar ice cap imagesKnowing the politics and the big money behind the religious fervor global warming advocates, there will likely be a media attended gathering of the global élite where they will discuss measures on how to convince the general public they have a full and complete understanding as to why this pause occurred and that we need to renew our efforts to ‘save the planet.’ At the conclusion of the meeting they will hop back into their limousines and their private jets sipping their cappuccino and basking under their sun lamps on all they have achieved.


Glaciers, Ice Caps, Greenland Ice Sheets, and Antarctic Ice Sheets combined contributed to sea level rise from 1961 to 2003 of a recorded seal level rise of ___ mm? Find out from the IPCC report and fill in the blank.

Try this as an experiment you can do for yourself. fill a glass half way up with ice, then take the rest of the glass and fill it with water. Leave this glass untouched sitting out in a warm room. What happened to the melted ice? Did the ice melt and overflow the glass with water? Now what do you suppose would happen if we really did have polar ice caps melting? Since the polar ice caps are expanding, what should happen to the cities along the coast line?

It’s been found 40 per cent of the IPCC’s papers came not from peer-reviewed journals but from Greenpeace and WWF (World Wild Life Federation)