Hanging by a Thread

United States of AmericaWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

For those that had basic civic, government or social studies in a classroom, you know it as the preamble to the Constitution. If you have mentally dozed off before while the teacher or professor started a discussion on talking about the Constitution or civic duties, you may now wish to go back to your job, business, family, spouse, TV, games, movie or drug of choice. Soon however, you might find none of those things matter or available in the way your used to and by that time, reading this won’t matter either.

Perhaps it’s time to wake up, pay attention to what is happening and quit making excuses on why it shouldn’t matter or you have higher priorities in life. If your personal welfare doesn’t matter or especially your children, then skip this blog entry. Wait till I write something technical or an amusing topic.

All around us, the warning signs of eventful, historical and significant changes are manifest. Unchecked hubris by political leadership has shifted the response to almost any event or perceived problem as a need for further centralized authority.  It’s difficult to predict with accuracy what exactly those changes will be however, if you look at where we have been and where our trajectory is headed as well as current events, some alarm bells in your head ought to be ringing. What if the events of the day are eclipsed by an event even more startling than previous events? What is your plan of action?

You have essentially 3 options:

1 – do nothing and anticipate whatever comes will be handled by someone else or it will be greater than you can handle and so, why worry?
2 – plan a course of action for things such as natural or personal disaster, be prepared and vigilant.
3 – building on option 2, get involved at some level of influence whereby you are helping to shape policy and willing to struggle against powerful controlling interests.

Take a moment to read and think about the following ideas, presentations and somewhat amusing characterizations. Even if it’s humorous, the reality is, we have had and continue to see an erosion of our liberty, privacy, income and protection from false arrest and imprisonment. Make no mistake, even while you turn your head away from the events and the people behind them, they continue to pursue their special interests. Look at their action, more than what they say. Be careful to not automatically assume ‘trusted news sources’ are giving you accurate information. You will often see the harmony of news announcements because there are very few origination points and their source for the information is usually from some government official or affiliate.

Homeland Security to test BOSS facial recognition at junior hockey game.Truth? what difference does it make according to Hillary Clinton

Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the US.

Department of Homeland Security Teaching Kids To Go To FEMA Camps In a Time of Crisis.

Former NSA Official: Yes, We’re Spying On U.S. Citizens

Here’s something to think about, why is the same woman being interviewed at 3 different crisis?
Boston Bombings – Sandy Hook – same person – crisis actor at 3 unique locations.

… or maybe this video shows the relevance to the previous story.

Perhaps this story is a fabrication as well, then again if it isn’t what does it say about the events you watch or hear reported?

Feinstein: First Amendment is a Special Privilege, Not a Right! (she wants to control bloggers and non-certified reporters – wants to set up a test who can reveal information that isn’t serving to promote the official message).

Nancy Pelosi: Nothing left to cut in budget — ‘the cupboard is bare’.

Nothing left to cut in budget, ‘the cupboard is bare’.

Nancy Pelosi: Nothing left to cut in budget — ‘the cupboard is bare’.
… there is nothing left to cut in the almost $4 trillion-a-year federal budget.
The federal budget has doubled in size in 12 years, from $1.9 trillion in 2001 to $3.8 trillion this year.

After you read this, followed the links and watched the videos, I hope you’ve decided to look into some of these things yourself. Examine what is going on and what you intend to do to adapt and overcome some of these or other unforeseen problems. Don’t be satisfied with what I’m suggesting or writing. Find out for yourself. Act accordingly.