Administration fires – aims… Again.

Well the bodies have barely had time to cool down in Washington from the latest shooting rampage and already the Obama administration is calling for more gun control laws. After all we can see how well gun free zones have worked so far in our schools as well as this Naval yard. The man had a history of firearm violations and mental health issues, yet he was able to maintain a secret clearance to work on the Naval base. He had prior firearms offenses, discharged from the Navy because of mental health problems. You can see background checks really worked well here as well as gun control in a gun free zone.
So we are supposed to blame the gun and not the person or the people who put him in that position? There seems to be a common problem here with these high-profile murders and that is they all seem to have mental health problems. Why don’t we just blame kitchen utensils for obesity, after all Michael Bloomberg blames sodas over 16 ounces. New York will collectively become a healthier, lower weight on average per person in his city.

That’s really the problem we have with these authoritarian, know what’s best for us politicians, they think they need to remake the country or the city in their own image and they will steam roll, bank roll or executive order their will on all of us. Meanwhile we find their solutions don’t work. The only thing that results from it are the problems with ignoring the unintended consequences.

In their world it makes perfect sense to allow lazy brained badged bureaucrats to stop people on the street if they are abiding by the law. It’s OK in their feather brained world to stop 4 year or 84 olds and do a pat down at an airport. Meanwhile the truly dangerous including themselves go at large. What do I mean by that? Well look at any major city and you can predict with reasonable certainty where most of the violent crime is going to occur. The problem is, those streets are under the control of armed gang members. Heaven forbid if you’re a decent law-abiding citizen that wants to walk or drive somewhere in peace or desires to keep you possessions. If you dare raise a hand against the street punk or the drug chasing thug, in self-defense, in cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York or Los Angeles, you’re going to jail.
In the latest juxtaposition of reasoning, the Obama administration wants to send arms to terrorists in Syria and continue to send over a billion dollars to Egypt. So, this is how it works. Pay and or arm terrorists, take away the right of the free public to defend themselves. This is the America run by the same people protesting the establishment using the military against the defenseless, pious and admirable Vietnamese in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Now they want to continue to arm and reward those who carry out terrorism.

Meanwhile in Canada, their police chiefs have spoken out and said “police should not be the front line in dealing with the mentally ill.”