More War Drums Beating

9/11- Photo Montage

9/11 – Photo Montage courtesy Wikipedia

There’s always ample opportunity to go to war around the globe. There are wars in sub-Saharan Africa, wars in South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and even on the city streets in the U.S. People by the millions are slaughtered for a cause everywhere without any definition of purpose other than to be in opposition with each other.

September 11, 2001 set the U.S. on fire with the intention to right the wrongs of destruction and death on American soil. Since shortly after that time we have been actively fighting two wars up until recently. We’re still firmly involved in Afghanistan and constantly threatening to do harm to Iran if they should cross some loosely defined line in the sand over possession of nuclear weapons.

Now we’re looking to enter the fray against Syria in a poorly authenticated accusation of an internal war crime whereby some 1400 people were put to death by supposed chemical weapons. [1] We haven’t been able to prove to the world community at large that the President of Syria is responsible let alone how we intend to right the wrongs of those killed within a civil war in Syria.

Up until recently, we have portrayed ourselves as friendly associates with President Bashar al-Assad. Numerous junkets between our government political leaders and theirs have come back with assurances this man wants peace in his region. Now suddenly under a storm of internal strife it’s supposed to be our duty to right the wrongs of those cruelly harmed in an internal Syrian conflict.

We keep hearing words like, this is not acceptable (but our missiles are), a line in the sand has been crossed and President Assad is a barbarian which would make Genghis Khan seem reputable. Now that we’ve been giving these numerous warnings to Syria, President Obama wants to at least launch some cruise missiles somewhere in the region and make someone rue the day!

Meanwhile the British had a vote in Parliament which basically sorted things out and declared,  The Lords & Ladies of the United Kingdom decline the invitation of the most honorable and respected President Barrack Obama to ‘go medieval’ on Syria. They would much rather read about it in the Times while stirring tea and eating scones.

France has joined in with a slightly more terse objection to the stern warning given by her across the channel neighbor.  They have issued a nine page report which verifies an attack took place and people were killed by conventional and chemical weapons. Their immediate response is to wait  to debate the issue in an extraordinary session of parliament on Wednesday.

John Kerry got into the war of words comparing Assad to Hitler. This is a common comparison we use in America to describe people we don’t like, such as anyone that belongs to the Tea Party, Pro-Life or voted for George Bush or Sarah Palin in either of the previous decade of elections.

Heinz-Kerry Assad dinner party in 2009

Heinz-Kerry Assad private dinner party in 2009

You can see the absolute disgust Mr. Kerry and his wife had in their prior years at a semi-private dinner they shared with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his wife.

In years prior to the Heinz-Kerry / Assad dinner party, Ms. Nancy Pelosi whisked herself and staff on a jet over against the wishes of her President, George Bush because after all, Bush is equivalent to a Nazi war criminal and as she later declared about  the Hitler wanna-be she shared stories and laughs with in Syria, President Assad is a man of peace.

Nancy Pelosi visit with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in 2007

Nancy Pelosi un-authorized visit with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in 2007

When Nancy Pelosi visited with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in 2007 it was seen as a strong signal of re-engagement with Syria by the United States. Ms. Pelosi said that during the talks with Mr. Assad she had “expressed concern about Syria’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas,” and had “expressed our interest in using our good offices in promoting peace between Israel and Syria.

Hmmm… That all seems rather productive now. It’s a good thing she gave him such a good lecture. He’s behaved well ever since….

Meanwhile in the U.S. President Obama has had to interrupt his bi-monthly golf sabbatical to speak at a podium on the evils of Syria. Realizing before he was to make such a speech he would have no Republicans to blame if he signed an executive order involving the U.S. in some sort of fracas. He changed his mind and decided to call Congress and get them to agree to at least lob a few missiles on behalf of Al-Qaeda…  er… saving children…. enhancing peace and stability in the regionpromoting a strong economy.

American military asked not to fight Syria in hack on U.S. Marines web site

American military asked not to fight Syria in hack on U.S. Marines web site

[1] The alleged chemical attack took place in the Ghouta, an agricultural belt around the capital on 21 August. The US put the death toll at 1,429, including 426 children.