Is security and privacy a thing of the past?

Security Researcher Hacks Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall To Prove His Exploit Works

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Google filing says Gmail users have no expectation of privacy

Recent revelations about government surveillance from individuals risking their future of freedom has shown those entrusted with leading our country are themselves untrustworthy. Using the idea that no crisis should go without taking advantage, those wanting to expand their authority and control of the individual have succeeded largely under the umbrella of keeping us safe.

I’m reminded of a fictional show which features a fictitious biker gang in a fictional town in northern California that has run of the city through careful manipulation of its image and it’s promise to safeguard the town from other less respectable lawless hordes.

Human nature and history have shown when you concentrate power into the hands of a select few, the larger group suffers. Tyranny begins when the rights of individuals no longer matter.