Are you upgrading from Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP extended support is terminating in 2014. No newer updates will be produced for patches or security past that point. There are many individuals and organizations contemplating what they should do to obtain new licenses for their desktops in either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

never ending upgrade spin sycle

Caught in the Microsoft upgrade spin cycle – image from

Why not kick the Windows habit and go to an entirely new Operating System? There’s already a significant learning curve in switching from XP to Win 8, change to Linux and you will find there’s not as big of an adjustment to be made.

Check out my tech blog for further explanation of the advantages of switching to Linux.

Chris Clay writing about his experience with open source software in ZDNet
“I have been a systems administrator of both Windows and Linux systems for over 15 years, in a wide variety of environments ranging from educational institutions to large enterprises. Throughout the years running Linux and Windows side by side, I have seen Linux countless times surpass Windows in performance, reliability, cost savings, and more recently user experience. In 2008 I successfully migrated all of my personal machines from Windows XP to Fedora Linux after seeing Linux succeed for many years for businesses, and have worked with family and friends to help them migrate as well. The experience has been astounding.”

“The power of Linux and open source software is one that cannot be ignored by businesses or individuals, and has been making waves in the world of proprietary software and Microsoft. From multiple frustrations of using Microsoft products and seeing open source products excel over them, I have drawn an interest in writing more and doing research about the two and their vast differences.”

Don’t settle on another Microsoft planned obsolescence  upgrade from Windows XP to Win 8. Upgrade to Linux and save a lot of money instead. Get a better and more stable OS for free!

International Space Station dumps Windows XP for Linux

Linux Mint sample desktop

Linux Mint sample desktop

Windows XP sample desktop

Windows XP sample desktop

International Space Station

International Space Station switching from Microsoft Windows to Debian Linux