If you change your mind your life will follow  Actively visualize your goals  Place no limits (real or imagined) on you goals  Live your life in conformity with your goals  Nothing of consequence is immediate  Through consistency and patience, all things are possible

Karen Casey, Ph.D author of “If you change your mind your life will follow

1 ✧ Take care of yourself, first and foremost.

2 ✧ Focus on solutions not the problems.

3 ✧ Try your best and don’t try to control the outcome.

4 ✧ Change your mind daily, do not cling to your opinions when proven wrong.

5 ✧ Choose to be proactive instead of reactive.

6 ✧ Quit judging yourself and every one else.

7 ✧ Remember that you are not in control or the center of the universe.

8 ✧ Learn – discover your own lessons, then effect change from them.

9 ✧ Do no Harm.

10 ✧ Quiet your mind.

11 ✧ Every encounter is a holy encounter, gauge your response accordingly.

12 ✧ There are two voices in your mind one is always wrong.