Alien Notions

This post is an extension of essentially two posts I’ve made regarding possible alien visitors from another planet. I first posted “Did Aliens Visit our Planet?” on June 13, 2013. I followed up with a post of a different nature on July 8, when Google came out with their clever “Roswell Incident” Doodle. In a later discussion about what are my thoughts about possible interactions with aliens from another planet, I gave the following expanded response.

water and landIn a blog post I made on June 13th, I asked the rhetorical question, Did Aliens Visit our Planet?  The succinct answer I gave to the question was, no. I realize knowledge of any sort is limited to only those with the experience. That is why I understand those with limited science background, a high school level or meeting a minimum college requirement, might find the idea of evolution is not believable. Conversely, for those who claim a clinical or scientific assessment concerning life origins often refuse to believe in anything beyond their 5 senses. Each can make valid points about their interests and pursuits to the exclusion of those who don’t share the same knowledge. To be clear to the reader, I believe there’s some truth in both. To me, evolution goes beyond the oft used phrase, it’s only a theory. The theory if you understand it, goes well into significant details about the progressive adaptation of life forms, from the simplest to the complex. I also believe there’s a spiritual nature to human beings which extended past the physical 5 senses. I also think you can’t call forth God in an incantation anymore reliably than objective demonstration in a lab. The simple analogy is if you want to experience God, you can’t stand outside the restaurant window and look at the menu. That’s about as far as I want to explain it, leaving this to further discussion in future posts. All of this is only my opinion and I claim no special expertise on extraterrestrials, science or spirituality.

Using that as a background, there may be people when reading what I said before and including what I type now, that think it’s only my lack of experience with things extraterrestrial which lead me to that conclusion. Confining my answer to the provable suggests anyone claiming we have been visited upon occasion by intelligent life from other worlds, requires the tin foil hat award. There are however some people with credibility that have said they have had interaction with unexplainable flying phenomenon and served in honor for the military service. I believe I included those links in my prior posts. This speech goes into some of the scientific explanations on Extraterrestrial Life and World Government Policies.

Essentially any interstellar civilization would have easily overwhelmed us if they wanted to because their ability to travel vast distances would require mastery of significantly more advanced energy resources which provide incredible power to engines capable of spanning vast distances in a short time span. Even the technology we see in Star Trek isn’t sufficient to move rapidly enough when you know that travel well outside our galaxy requires either infinitely longer life spans than human or hundreds of times faster than the speed of light. If a ‘warp-drive’ technology isn’t the method, then time manipulation through quarks or black-holes might be the answer.

No matter what we can imagine with our current level of scientific limitations, any civilization engaged in reaching past our galaxy requires advancement in its societal moral structure. I think it’s impossible to develop and wisely use exponentially advanced technologically with the current morality on our planet. I’m going to be very blunt in these remarks because it is the type of ‘tough love’ and self-evaluation our world requires if it really wants to become advanced.

1 – All forms of racism have to be eliminated. This isn’t the simple and current PC accepted explanation clouded by emotional memories of past injustice, I’m also referring to all modern forms of racism. The current George Zimmerman trial is but a reminder of the seething hatred of individuals looking to ‘raise hell’ if a verdict doesn’t go their way. This is just another relic of tribalism when one group sees another as inferior or hostile to their advancement.  Peaceful thought and solutions are the real radicalism for future advancement of civilization. Humans have slowly evolved from tribes to  nations. All countries are extensions of the tribal concept. A ‘tribe’ organizes  through territorial boundaries, rules of conduct and creates its own forms of protection, such as police and military. A physical force is used to project the tribes presence into the surrounding communities. When advances in technology are invented, the large organizations (nations) often see themselves as superior and use this tech against other competing nations.

When a gang, a group or a nation raise up an armed force against another, they are simply responding to the primitive instincts passed through their genetic connection to ancient pre-ape ancestry. They do so for protection, material or territorial rights  or suppression of other groups. This is what Arthur C. Clarke along with Stanley Kubrick were depicting in the earliest scenes of 2001 A Space Odyssey. The primitive ape-like creatures in the beginning of the movie are the forerunner of humans. They discover the larger bones of dead animals as useful bone crushing weaponry against other ape groups.

As advances in weaponry develop to the point of being able to annihilate entire nations, we are left with making the choice to either become as morally advanced as the technology or face extinction.

2 – We need to better understand the value in human reproduction rather than instantaneous gratification or using it to define our self-worth. Evolution couldn’t have occurred without reproduction. Any process as difficult as giving birth or raising children requires significant emotional involvement. Sexual desire and elation through intercourse  and nurturing instincts are normal and necessary. We witness a multitude of aggressions as routine in our lives. We need to extricate ourselves of another societal self-loathing. The essential step is in understanding that creation is as eventful as destruction of life. Thus if a life is sufficiently developed in the womb to develop into a human, (past an egg division with a few thousand cells), then that life needs to be respected. All human reproduction can be eliminated or controlled through contraception, however using abortion as an extension of contraception is the same as taking any other human life. This is another vestige of aggression and can be observed as well in the Chimpanzee community in their elimination of the weak or unwanted new-born primates.

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet

3 – As much as we fear and debate the idea of a global community, the Star Trek equivalent of a United Federation of Planets is a necessity. If you have that much destructive capacity, an equally self-regulated but relatively free society would be necessary. This concept is so foreign to our world now because of primitive tribal instincts, we have nations and even criminal elements at constant war. Anyone advocating world-wide government is immediately suspect because our entire history shows we only end up with despotic dictators in control. To this day we see local governments run by the powerful which force their view of Utopian ideals on others through law. If any of these elements obtain authority such as criminals, gangs, corporate czars, mafias, rebels, police, military gain too much power through significant technological advantage, they simply revert to the advanced ape wielding the large bone in their opposable thumb equipped hands against other group(s) and crush them. Unless we learn to universally accept a higher morality we ultimately find groups always ready to bash one another. I’m not advocating any religious theology in this post. If we continue to see nations acquire nuclear technology along with a means to deliver this destructive weaponry and limited self-control, we will never get to the point of becoming a level II civilization. Maybe if there are advanced aliens visiting our planet they will have to set aside the ‘prime directive‘ as described in Star Trek and intervene for our survival.