My aching little gray cells

I really enjoy my work!I enjoy a variety of music. Some days I enjoy very simple music structure with limited instrumentation and voices and other times I want to hear an orchestra or a symphony. I don’t find sufficient satisfaction only listening to the same genre or era. I find value and quality in almost all music. So it is with people and their opinion. Like an entire orchestra, the blend of people cooperating, performing and creating with a different timbre and voice permits a broader range of sound with complexity not achieved by 3 or 4 instruments. Why listen to the same thing?

I found myself in a situation yesterday talking to someone on the topic of women, spiritual guidance as it pertains to women and the type of work performed by women. This is potentially a very dangerous realm for any man to enter with a point of view, especially with a woman. If you are a husband talking with your wife, it’s probably not advisable to go further than a simple nod of the head and a few, yes dears.

Now I give this warning to anyone with an immature, reactionary mind, please stop reading at this point. You might not like what you read and as most of us know, to read the ideas of anyone who might differ from our own is catastrophic to the gray cells harbored within the cranial region. If you have any preconceived notions which you are unable to confront, you should probably seek out a news or entertainment source which generally agrees with your point of view. That’s the end of my warning, read on if you have a mature and confident nature.

I don’t believe I have a corner on the market of good ideas or have an exclusive on facts, truth or being right. I’m generally comfortable with many who don’t share my opinion. Oh sure, once in a while you can read, listen or observe others with ideas so foreign or foolish you know almost from the start it’s just not a good idea to continue with them.

I began with a simple discussion of our families and it evolved into talking about prior members. She expressed her feelings of appreciation for those in her family such as grandparents and other immediate earlier familial relations. I admit, I entered dangerous territory because I mentioned a great-aunt was a minister and that was considered radical for someone born in the late 1800’s. She then said something to me which caught my ear. She said she wouldn’t feel comfortable with a woman pastor or minister. OK, this was an interesting statement and I thought, why not?  I said, she was a very sweet woman and I can see, she was probably very good with people. She affirmed her ideas that she felt men offered a better choice for spiritual leadership. Well this was certainly fodder for the goose. I asked, had she met women with pastoral responsibilities and had a strong sense of spirit? She was honest and said, no.

While trying not to be the elephant foot on the birthday cake, I explained, I’ve had the privilege of working with women that were spiritual, kind, empathetic with excellent leadership skill. Furthermore I said, do you really think the prayer of a man is of greater importance than from a woman? Is any task or opportunity greater than those who have the ability to meet it with commitment and desire? Have you ever found you could do something someone else wasn’t able? Was it limited to gender or more to your ability? She said only men had the authority to act as priests or pastors.

I could tell this topic wasn’t within the wheel house of my lunch companion so I decided it was best to find another topic. If nothing else I appreciated how easy it is for any of us to operate only within our comfort zone of thought and belief. Challenges to firmly held belief can be quite disconcerting and often result in a mental and emotional melt down for one or both. I hope you are able to occasionally examine your own philosophical elements and beliefs without always seeking confirmation.

Find an intelligent source which challenges your beliefs with honesty. Don’t just look for things that confirm the way you think. You may learn important things about yourself and perhaps enhance your life.Thimk!


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