Tutoring for Miscreants

How-to-Steal-a-Million-graphic-dYears ago it was common entertainment to have a movie about a clever thief. You know the type, suave, sophisticated man or woman with education and refinement. They only seemed to have this one little flaw, they stole things, but not just anything, they were connoisseurs of art, jewelry or rare artifacts. They targeted the rich, a corporation or a museum. The thief was so clever and humorous, we were compelled to cheer for them.

Now along comes reality. Most thieves we read about break into a home, rob convenience stores or a bank with a weapon and no ingenuity. They sometimes get away with a few hundred dollars at most and often their picture is scattered all over the news from surveillance video. Occasionally we read or hear about a thug(s) who break into homes and victimize the occupants. Sometimes the resident has a firearm and the perpetrator ceases to be a future social security recipient.

Amidst this backdrop comes this story. Another less than adequately functional human being with an IQ somewhere close to a bowl of Rice Krispies. Here’s to another clever one that probably left a pool of drool on his high school desk.

I bet if he sees this video, he’s kicking himself. Here’s to you, the clever one that let it get away… spot light

Thief threw away more money than he stole.