Free yourself from cable & satellite cost.

ImageUnhook that expensive cable or satellite and enjoy TV for free or at very low cost.
There are several ways to do it. We have found the Roku Internet streaming device to be very useful. There’s a lot of available free entertainment & educational content. If you decide to use paid for services such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu or Amazon, you can subscribe to some of them for very low monthly cost and no long term obligation. You can also use your laptop / desktop computer to either store or stream content.

Wireless speed is important when using these services. Even if your router claims to transfer data at a full 54 megabits per second; the top speed of 802.11g routers, you may find momentary interruptions. For faster wireless response, purchase the newer 802.11n wireless router, it’s typically capable of streaming 130-150 Mbps. (300 Mbps is possible using a technique called bonding.

ImageBest methods to obtain free content over the Internet.
Hulu also offers a library of movies that are free to view. Newer content is also available at low cost.

According to Clark Howard’s web site, the average American household pays about $800 annually for cable and around $1,000 for satellite. – See more at:  Clark Howard’s AJC column.