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HP is the tech company with a continuing back-story. By now, if you have read any of my prior posts, you would see there is so much inner-company turbulence one wonders if they have an executable business plan.

Here’s a sample excerpt from an interesting article by Jean-Louis Gassée,

Turnaround Artist Manual – Chapter 1: Walk in with a frown; blame your predecessor; slash projects, budgets, people; lower expectations, loudly; and write-off assets.”

When you’re finished, any progress will be attributed to your decisive surgery and skill at the helm. You reap the benefits of a statistical illusion: Cut something by 50%, use time, work, and a little bit of luck to bring it back to its pre-surgery size, and you’re a miracle worker! 100% growth!”

Mike Lynch (Autonomy’s Founder) is a Larry Ellison-grade adversary: intelligent, articulate, aggressively entrepreneurial, with a willingness to create a reality distortion field around his company and an unwillingness to back down.”

It appears those more familiar with HP than I have taken notice of their leadership issues. I hope HP finds traction and can move forward and not become another DEC or UNISYS.

The current two dimensional HP logo used on co...


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