Statecraft and the Loss of Individual Liberty

The U.S. trend is toward additional regulation. I wish it were not so but I think Ron Paul makes his point in this video.

He has fought the good fight and has attempted to awaken the masses to the reality of how immensely unsustainable our government spending has become. He has also tried to provide honest examination of the use of our military. It seems we are like the foolish young hot head that can’t back down from a fight for fear of loss in reputation. 

The electorate is uninformed and continues to be distracted by nonsense themes such as ‘War on Women’, ‘Prayer in Schools’, ‘LGBT rights’, and ‘Global Warming‘. Why do I consider these ‘hot topics’ which are polarizing and emotional for many, nonsense? It’s simple, they divide and diffuse focus of people in understanding their relative significance to the survival of the country. You can argue about the decorations or the music played on the Titanic but the end result is the same, calamity.

What happens when any country finds its back against the wall and time is no longer on its side? The EU is currently leading the way and history shows nations typically inflate their currency in order to devalue the debt. This is a fools game which leads to disaster and sometimes anarchy, war and/or dictatorship. When we can no longer fool enough investors to purchase our debt and perhaps are removed as the worlds reserve currency, then you are likely to see widespread chaos in the streets. Most people are in denial of these events because they fail to learn and apply these lessons so history repeats for the unteachable.

Even today I read a story that President Obama is concerned about global warming. I can only imagine his administrations eventual response will be legislation that charges a tax on emissions and allows for exchange in credit for those under their industry specified limits. Once again less liberty more regulation and further damage to an economy.

If our country’s leadership finally decides to work together and reduce spending, not come up with a smoke screen about the rich paying higher taxes; when they start to realize and sunset laws which stifle industry and job growth and actually do something about it, when we reduce our involvement in policing the world and withdraw our military from occupying hostile countries, I know we’ve begun the change for the better. Meanwhile I hope for the better but anticipate it will get much worse.