What Should We Learn From This Last Election?

Republican Party (United States)If the Republican Party wants to understand why they are not the party of choice in many instances, here are a few reasons why. Keep in mind you don’t have to accept this but reality is like a hurricane, it just is . . . and you still have to deal with it.

1 – Abortion is the law of the land. You don’t have to agree with it or if you are a woman choose it, but it’s been legal since the 70’s and its pointless to waste your political energy arguing with it. Men especially can’t waste a lot of energy on the topic due to our biology. If that point confuses you, wear a sign on your back that says . . ‘kick me’. I haven’t agreed with the concept of abortion ever since I was first married, so what? It’s not a national platform to debate any longer.

2 – If Alice & Natasha or Bruce & Harry want to marry, let them. Why? … because it does no harm to you or me. The fight about legalizing gay marriage is simple, if you fight against it you will lose on logic. You don’t have to agree with it, simply don’t marry someone of the same gender. I don’t have any desire to become part of ‘the movement’ but I also don’t see how that threatens the institution of marriage. Why? … because marriage has been trashed for years by heterosexual couples who decide for all kinds of reasons to get divorced, never marry or just have kids and never stay committed to their spouse or in some cases the children. Honestly, gay people can’t mess it up more than has been done already.

3 – Immigration ‘reform’.  We need to recognize the political and human realities. First if we want free-flowing immigration across the borders to be the law of the land, change the law. It’s very confusing, especially to the states bordering Mexico to say it’s illegal only if you can catch them as they come across or just after they arrive but if they have been here awhile or you ask someone in a traffic stop to prove they live here then you might have to look the other way. We have the federal government suing the state of Arizona over our convoluted interpretation of current immigration law. This is like saying driving while intoxicated is sort of illegal, we can’t stop you to find out if you have been drinking but if you are involved in an accident then we can test to see if you are intoxicated. The next part of comparison is even more absurd but analogous to immigration law interpretation. So, if you are stopped for DUI, we might give you a ticket and if you go to court we might let you off if you have been driving for years under the influence of alcohol.

It’s come down to accusations about people being xenophobic if someone demands clear-cut policy on illegal immigration. It has nothing to do whether you like or dislike Spanish-speaking people, that’s a nonsense argument. Make the laws reflect the reality and or accept the fact that we have millions of people who never went through legal channels to come to this country. Deporting millions of people isn’t realistic – it isn’t going to happen. Criminals shouldn’t be allowed here, period. The borders need to be secure for reasons other than stopping people seeking a better way of life. Either stop the flow or open the borders, that’s the decision and the platform to run on.

4 – Using our military in protracted wars which are not actually defending the United States must cease. We are currently excusing ourselves from the stark reality of war and it’s long-term effects on the people whose country we occupy and our own military personnel. Afghanistan due to its own level of development will continue to be a place where terrorists can flourish long after we are gone. We can’t change an entire culture to resemble anything we might consider a democracy by shelling, strafing, shooting or demoralizing an entire country just because we consider ourselves to be the good guys. We should and must learn from history that killing and maiming isn’t good PR. I’m a Viet Nam era Marine and I figured that much out for myself. It’s time for the Republican party to show leadership in an area of peace where possible.

Arguing about the first two topics, are like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Our country needs to pull together on two of the biggest problems we currently face; run away government spending and acting as the sheriff of the world. Those two topics are the end game for this Republic. A Federal Republic based on democratic principles has a rule of law which defines the boundaries of government and the choices each branch can make.

The choice of priorities we must make, require us to set aside the petty, tribal, group affiliation or political party thinking and become less selfish and limit our government promising many things it won’t be able to deliver and using the military to pound on other people in the world and calling it patriotic or we won’t be able to get around to deciding on all the rest.