We Can Do Better!

human familyIn light of the recent events in the north and eastern portion of the US, I would like to make this simple supposition; we are all part of the human family. No one, absolutely no one, in spite of ethnicity, culture or history is excluded from this family. To be sure, we have some bad characters among us acting on impulse, emotion, anger, fear and depravity. They must be separated from those willing to abide by law for our protection and in some instances their rehabilitation.

Whether you believe in a religion, a cause or simply the product of successive evolution, we are all of the same unique family. If you prefer we can call it something as simple as the same species. Our unique life characteristics can only be found here on one planet as far as our telescopes and millions of miles of space probes can observe. Perhaps our motto or creed should address this one simple idea; save the human.

Look around you, do you see someone hurting, requires assistance, friendless, penniless, loveless? Well guess what? You can be that person of hope or blessing. To standby and wait around for an organization or government, military, elected official or for that matter, heavenly manifestation to help, is a lost opportunity. It’s an opportunity to forget your own pain and frustration, heal yourself and others you may come in contact. In many instances, you are the only one that can make a difference. Do what you can.

The core to any successful friendship, government, family or society is to be willing to compromise and understand their will be differences and examine the needs of the other group or individual. Failure to cooperate, understand and compromise where necessary demonstrates a lack of ideas. We may find ourselves at odds sometimes over philosophy, politics or personal possession. In the end, that should not matter.

If you are capable of friendship, love and concern and not a self gratifying, live as a self accumulating, egotistic individual, you are on the path to what it is to be human. Remember that next time when you see, talk or hear someone. They have needs, wisdom and worth as well.

Perhaps this comes across as altruistic hyperbole but I challenge you and I to think about these simple ideas and act as a responsible & committed member of the human family.

title= Con Ed power plant in NY - explosion during hurricane Sandy

Con Ed power plant in NY – explosion during hurricane Sandy.