Don’t fall for these Cons

pipes  You get these email messages and if you ever wondered what to do with them, here’s my advice, trash them immediately. Don’t click on any links or images within the message, just delete it. I had a friend ask me about one he received supposedly from Chase Bank. It seemed to look OK to him and even had a chase bank email return address (again supposedly). He asked me what to do since he has a Chase account and thought perhaps this one required his attention. My answer is a resounding NO!

English: computer network IP addressThese messages are sent out by the gazillions (only slight exaggeration used) with a hope that there will be enough gullible people to click on the official link.

What happens next is a series of unfortunate events. Once you click on the link provided within the email message and fill out the form, they have captured your login information and perhaps other useful information such as DOB and SS#. Your bank account will be emptied and perhaps other parts of your life may become a living hell because they will use your identity for other theft purposes. Hopefully that’s all.

Here’s an example of fraudulent communication.

To: Me
Dear Valued Member,

We noticed invalid login attempts into you account online from an unknown IP address. Due to this, we have temporarily suspended your account.
We need you to update your account information for your online banking to be re-activated please update your billing information today by clicking here. (don’t click or type in this address)

After a few clicks, just verify the information you entered is correct.


BOA Member Services Team

P.S. The link in this message will be expire within 24 Hours. You have to update your payment information.

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It may have the official bank logo but believe me, this is a fake message. Don’t fall for it. I also got a little amusement from this one when I saw the P.S. What official bank business would include a P.S? Reminds me of an infomercial, “but Wait … There’s more!“.

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