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Judge Roy Bean Saloon sign Langtry Texas

Judge Roy Bean Saloon sign Langtry Texas

All too often our communication, at least in English, is peppered with swear words. We take it for granted that sometime, somewhere, almost anyone could drop the ‘F bomb’. I’m not innocent in the use of colorful language but I recognize that it’s completely possible to communicate without cussing. To that end, I decided to try this quick check of my twitter posts. This is what I found.

How much do you cuss on Twitter?

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I recall taking an English class where the text was devoted to the study of words identified as cuss words. I can’t remember the title or anything other than debates on everything from socialism to personal ownership of firearms. Not all that related to the topic but as this is one that can also be debated until the moon is blue, let’s see what you think.

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