Why do we do this?

bench among treesand take a last, flying look
at the last lonely eagle
he’s soaring the length of the land
shed a tear for the fate
of the last lonely eagle
for you know that he never will land

if you go down to the gas-powered flatland
where most of the people just think
that they’re free
remember the peace that you had
on the mountain
come back to the love that you had here with me

for you know that he never will land . . .

Perhaps leading a blog post with lyrics from an old New Riders of the Purple Sage / Grateful Dead song makes little sense however the lament reflected in these lyrics is how I feel about our nation of confused and out of control people.

I probably shouldn’t read the news, everyone suggests to me this isn’t a good way to spend my time. Somehow I’m supposed to feel better and think happy thoughts if I ignore the various things going on around me. After all, I’m unable to change these events or alter the thought process that goes into raping, killing, beating, cannibalizing, bombing, shooting, lying, harassing or overall just plain acting bat guano nuts.

I know I’m not the last lonely eagle but it seems appropriate to hang this monicker on a significant portion of the population, which like me must think, how did I end up in this insane asylum?

We hear those suggesting they are saving the planet through some ego-centric, feel good, eco-conforming, mumbo-jumbo, and I can understand their passion. After all with the world population so large and the maniacal behavior of some of its inhabitants why not attempt to suggest there is a way through action to place this planet in a perpetual safety blanket? We raise armies against each other or form gangs often justified based on the need for protection; why not form groups that decide to do random acts of kindness?

If there is some giant intelligence that created this plant peering through the atmosphere and analyzing our behavior, I should think one of two ideas would come to mind, destroy it before it eventually learns to transport its poison to other places in the galaxy or sit back and watch to see if their small brains can comprehend how glorious things could be if we learned cooperation and positive participation.

Just a thought. Meanwhile ignore this post and most especially the news, except that which is broadcast as entertainment or sports. Maybe the insanity will all go away if we collectively don’t look at it or do anything to stop it.

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