Getting it Right

man growing record length ear hairRecently I achieved another personal milestone when I became a Sexagenarian. This may be a lot simpler to some but for me the time it took was about the same as others. I didn’t have to study for it or pass any test other than not expiring.

During this period I learned to read and write only one language and perhaps that wasn’t to any great level. I attempted to learn another language foreign to my own but at the time, hardly no one was using it around me and now it’s the second language of the US. I did learn 6 different computer programming languages, 8 different operating systems and a whole lot of long forgotten applications tied to these operating systems.

I left home after volunteering for the Marine Corps and managed to convince a few people I was trainable and was allowed to mangle a stray computer bit or two while on 4 years of active duty. Each of those years resulted in a promotion which proves the axiom, you can fool some of the people some of the time. I did however rather unsuccessfully marry twice and father 4 children. Each of those wives were able to identify my severe character flaws and to a lesser extent, so have my children.

All of this leads me to summarizing a portion of what I’ve learned over these few decades; every person I’ve met or read about wants to be right. Some of these people assert with great conviction they are right to the exclusion of all others not in tacit agreement. No matter if their ideas are diametrically opposed to that of others, they are correct in their view of the world and how it should be managed.

Sometimes I’ve benefited by the years of wisdom some have accumulated where 3 people have 7 different opinions. I’ve found this strategy is very successful for a politician because they can be right among many.

3 soaring diversNow after many years of learning strategies that don’t work and very few that do, I thought I should take a moment and share this wisdom of the ages with you.

Take this short quiz, then add up the number of times you have chosen answer A or B.

1 – Parents today know how to raise their kids better because:
A – You were wrong all those years in raising them & therefore your bad example has shown them the right way.
B – There are so many good books and courses available on the topic.

2 – You work out how to be married when:
A – Learn the woman is always right.
B – Can cook better than she can.

3 – You find satisfaction and meaning to life when:
A – Let things go and be flexible
B – Choose to follow a specific a theological theory or system

4 – When dealing with a bad manager or awful client you should:
A – flame them in every social media outlet you know.
B – take the high road and don’t retaliate, remove yourself when & where possible.

5 – When dealing with a difficult coworker you should:
A – confront them and insult them until they are a mass of quivering jelly.
B – take them out to lunch and kindly seek to resolve any conflict or difficulty.

6 – To understand how the federal government should handle the economy:
A – attend 6 or more years at a university and read & write papers on a variety of competing economic theories.
B – learn how to earn a living and balance your checkbook.

Here’s how to score your results from this brief test.

6 A’s – you are brilliant and need to start your own radio or TV talk show.

5 A’s – not bad there’s still a chance for you somewhere in the celebrity or entertainment field.

4 A’s – this is an awkward stage whereby you may require several hours of Oprah or Bill Maher remedial training.

3 A’s – at this point you need to at least earn a BA and attend several charity dinners to save an animal or plant of your choosing.

2 A’s – you need to go back to school and either become an actor or politician.

0 or 1 A – join millions of others who are fed up with current populist society and have decided to think for themselves.