New ideas coming our way

I’m continually amazed at the progress we have made as a civilization but there are signs we have a long way to go. First let’s talk about technology changes.

The major change we see on our computers are the continuous move toward graphical / pictorial representation. Windows 8 exemplifies how a significant contributor to software controlling our computers removes us as much as possible from choices though text. It is a screen design which mimics more of the IPhone & Android market. Clearly Microsoft has witnessed the consumer  expansion in the smartphone and graphical pad platform. I’m not all together sure this in some ways contributes to the dumbing down of a society whereby rendering us less capable of communication via spoken word.

Virtual reality uses multimedia content. Appli...

Virtual reality applications and delivery platforms of multimedia are virtually limitless. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Oculus Rift is the latest display technology which demonstrates key features in a practical structure for head mounted virtual displays. First it provides a wide field of view, 110 degrees horizontal. Second it creates 3D virtual reality with lightweight stereoscopic visual images.  Third it has caused a buzz in the gaming community which provided required funding to move a product through the necessary R&D into a sale-able package. I can see this product having broad use in bringing technical and surgical information to the end-user.

Of course we’ve seen the supposedly ground breaking head mounted display technology before and not much has come from it, so a lot has to do with perceived value at a time when the economy isn’t doing very well. Maybe gamers will provide the extra incentive to bring the product to market.

Mars exploration begins with a video of the Rover descent on to the planet. An exciting time for NASA to show what it can do even with a restrictive budget to enhance our understanding of other planets.

What happens if you propose software that supposedly revolutionizes national and international stock trades but falls flat on its face? Well, you have what is now called a flash crash. It happened recently on Wall Street. Read the details here.

Microsoft and Flickr

Microsoft and Flickr (Photo credit: mlcastle)