Don’t Panic – check before you act

The FBI Could Cut Your Internet Access in Four Days (Here’s How to Prevent It)FBI mobile lab

Check and see if your computer is safe from the FBI shutting down your Internet Access on Monday, July 9th. Check it now. It only takes like 3 seconds to check and safe and free. It’s better to do it now because Monday it may be too late.

For months now, the FBI has been warning people that a blackout of their access to the Internet could be coming. The warnings about the Internet problem have been splashed across Facebook and Google, and Internet service providers have sent notices as well.

Don’t believe it because you read it on Facebook or found this story on the Internet.

Get official notices and security center

US Cert Current Alerts

Additionally you may use this resource to check official Cisco network notices.  Cisco security center

Seldom are these kind of notices or alerts from your friends the real deal. Check with a well-informed professional in the network and computer security business before you start clicking on links someone sent you. These links could actually be a scam to get you to voluntarily load malware.