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I need your help . . No, I’m not asking for a handout… I need a little of your time.  Read this post and if you have the sort of experience I seek, I need your feedback.

Air TravelI want to travel across country in the middle of July – almost all the way east to all the way west. I don’t want to just do a flyover. I can take several days even a week or two if I want to complete my travel.

I thought perhaps I wanted to drive. I can see the sights and take a bunch of stuff with me. Then I thought… wait a minute I could take a train. I love a train ride. It takes 3 & ½ days by Amtrak train. I thought I’ll look up the same journey via Greyhound bus.

It takes just under 3 days by bus. Now the bus has about 50 stops along the way (maybe the train does too) to pick up who knows who or what in all kinds of little towns. So why does it take longer by train and cost about 2 1/3 times as much?

I’ve never experienced a decent bathroom on a bus and who knows how often people bathe before they get on, after 3 days I don’t want to be near myself without a good clean-up. How about the other long distance passengers, they are not going to be all that fresh as a daisy? The train has some sort of shared bathroom situation as well but again… no shower??

A diagram summarizing the tree-level interacti...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)Here we are in the 21st century, we’ve split atoms and just discovered the Higgs boson particle and where are we in transportation progress? Since the 1960’s we’ve had jets which travelled at about the same rate as modern jets. The train used to travel across country faster with better amenities in the 1950’s than 60 years later. As the Brits say; bollocks… total bollocks.

Do I just drive the fuel inefficient old Jag across country? Should I sell my old car to a friend who wants it and advance ship what I want with me?

Do I surrender to the boring but quick air travel?

Should I take the bus as the least expensive alternative, suffering whatever indignation and discomfort a large framed man must in small seats.

Should I travel by train an even more unknown for me? I haven’t travelled on a long journey by train since the 50’s and I don’t recall it that well except it was quite cold, stopped a lot and was very noisy. I expect the heaters have improved since then. Then again I’m more likely wanting air-conditioning this time of year.

Please give me a little feedback. I want to hear from those who have experienced long public rides. I already know about long automotive road tours and air travel.

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One thought on “Cross Country Travel – your opinion

  1. Paul Kapcin

    I know you (I hope).. You will be so bored you won’t be fit to live with. .. Buses sux. I used them at least 7 times in my life but they were from Chicago to New Jersey. Not to mention the three trips from Fort Leonard Wood to Chi. But that wasn’t too bad as we would rent a bus (all GI’s) and that would be a non stop run. As you know my fave travel mode is MOTOR CYCLE… Maybe you can rent one? bseg…. How ever you choose to travel have a good ride and a great time at your destination.

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