Why I Follow the News

I believe there are good reasons to stay informed in what occurs nationally and internationally.  I may joke with people that ignorance is bliss, but I’m not convinced it’s the way to improve things. I think it’s necessary to watch, read and listen to active events which influence our or the lives of others.

This might be a little long for those with short attention spans. No apologies, just informing you up front. Yesterday’s news cycle got my back up partially, but there was another story which I was gratified to read. http://www.usatoday.com/news/military/story/2012-06-27/montford-point-marines-congressional-gold-medal/55873212/1

Montford Point MarinesIf you haven’t heard the background on the Montford Point Marines, I suggest you take the time to read about them. Essentially, young black men wanted to be part of our nation’s WWII effort and were segregated into a training facility from the regular east coast Parris Island boot camp. They served with distinction but came home to find they were still far from being treated with the respect they deserved.

When I enlisted in the Marines Corps we were told there were no red, white, brown or black marines, we were all green. Now reality takes precedence over fiction for the rational thinker, and I knew at the time this wasn’t necessarily so, although we were a lot further along than the 1940’s & 50’s.

I’m happy to say the Marine Corps is and has been for sometime a fully integrated merit promoting service. I’m very pleased our country’s leadership has taken the time to honor these Marines.

The Supremes create their own law.English: West face of the United States Suprem...

The Supreme Court appears to be a reflection of our nation’s mind set on critical issues. I read an listened to a couple of their decisions and shake my head in the ignorance of supposedly learned people. http://nbcpolitics.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/28/12457855-high-court-strikes-down-stolen-valor-act?lite The Supreme Court struck down a federal law called the Stolen Valor Act which prohibits a person from falsely claiming that he or she has been awarded a military honor. Here we have people going around and claiming they were some kind of hero and wearing or displaying medals suggesting acts of valor which they never earned. To me, that’s despicable. You shouldn’t be permitted to claim a purple heart of you accidentally stapled your fingers in a war zone. How is it that soft drinks and cigarettes can be banned but we can’t legally stop these fake heros? Stupid – ignorant people find it’s OK to limit our freedoms but we can have liars promote their claims in public. Total horse puckey!

The next and final comment in this post is the Supreme Court managed to find a way to accept the Obama Health Care bill by altering the language so as to make the penalties a tax. I guess that’s OK because no one in Congress or Senate has read the entire 2500+ page bill. http://www.wtop.com/209/2109971/High-court-upholds-key-part-of-Obama-health-law

I suppose I should just keep quiet and not concern myself with the laws and taxes heaped upon our country by these court jesters. After all I’m a veteran and can sit back and say, this doesn’t apply to me because I can receive free government health care as a Viet Nam era veteran. Besides, I’m old enough the sequential destruction of our countries freedoms won’t matter to me because I will likely be too old to recognize or be dead before the full negative impact of the cumulative bad decisions are realized. Well I’m not built that way. I care what happens to succeeding generations and I shudder to think what the future holds for them as the public with these law makers aided by the major media are lulling us into thinking we can derive something for nothing.

It can’t happen folks, you can’t continue to believe the government has the ability to transmute the nations wealth after it passes through their myriad bureaucracies into something of real and lasting value. Each government sponsored and controlled program including the health care industry becomes a horrible hodge podge of convoluted rules, taxes and penalties until the supposed benefit is only received by far fewer than those who originally received services. To quote the art of a con, “promise them something for nothing but give them nothing for something.”

I’ve read blogs and comments by people claiming the VHA is a government health care program which runs more efficiently than the private sector. First, that’s an apples to oranges comparison. The Veterans administration has a different client base comprised of mostly adults and usually related war injuries which they have become unfortunately very accustomed to treating. Next, it is a much smaller segment of the population and these health care workers aren’t having to conduct a battery of tests that modern medicine so often has to perform in order to be paid or somewhat sheltered from potential lawsuit. Of course this health care bill doesn’t address the significant reasons health care costs are so high, lawsuits. The lawyer lottery is a huge expense and is reflected in the hefty premiums doctors and clinics must pay to provide services.

Finally, all I can say is the original will of the American voter was to turn this bill down but the Obama administration went through with it anyway and hoping they can eventually convince us in their art of the con.

I invite civil comment on any thing I have posted but I’m especially interested in your opinion after this latest post.