Stay alive between waiting and falling asleep

Do you know the name of this day?

refrigerator– Life is a bit like a refrigerator. At first you come in and everyone is excited about how shiny and brand new you are.

– Then comes the period of acceptance. Everyone accepts the fact that you are around and don’t seem to cause much trouble. You get occasional stares at your parts and features.

– Then comes the period of expectation. Those around you come to expect you will perform certain functions and won’t let them down. They may even like to have you around.

– Next comes the period of disenchantment and disappointment. The period of time when everyone starts to notice you aren’t exactly the latest model. You start to look a little worn maybe a bit bloated compared to the new model. Some might even notice your corners are a little rounded and the latest models have nice sharp edges.

– Next thing comes the period of rejection. Those around you start to want more. They find you sometimes don’t perform according to original specification. You have acquired a few dents, make a little more noise and creak and squeak at times.

– Then something serious happens to your moving parts, one or more of them fails. You become yesterdays news and you end up in a pile with the other discarded refrigerators.

“I’m sorry,” says Murray from the movie; A Thousand Clowns. “That’s the most you can expect from life,” he muses, “a really good apology for all the things you won’t get.”