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Melvil Dewey's Decimal System

Melvil Dewey’s Decimal System (Photo credit: Klara Kim)

I grew up with a passion for reading. It was exciting for me to take the bus and go downtown to the main library as a kid. I learned the Dewey Decimal Classification System. I admit it, I was a nerd before the terminology was used. Now the Internet has become my oyster. I love its resources, I learn from a diversity of thought and laugh at the humor.

The one area which you will see a complete absence of are online games. Sorry, but you can find them on your own. I have absolutely no interest in them.

The CERN datacenter with World Wide W...

The CERN datacenter with World Wide Web and Mail servers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world wide web has a vast array of useful and useless information. Here are a few sites I would like to share. Some are useful, some playful and others just make your head spin. These links are not in a particular order a this time. I may come back and add to or reorganize this list.


Minneapolis Vocational High School

Search Engines




Networking & Security

rack wiring


Tech Publications

Movies – TV

film reel


Web site created by me


Business & Financial


hooded man glowing eye

 More to be added later

. . . and sometimes the news is more interesting than fiction – MI-6 Spy Secrets Revealed