I Get It – You Love DIETY Posted Here

Can we have an adult dialogue here? If you are the type of person who becomes easily upset and launches into their own Turrets moment when you read or listen to any discussion concerning religion, then I suggest you read no further.

Everywhere people cast their eyes in the science fiction thriller, ‘Minority Report’ from the casual walker, driver or runner each was beset by targeted advertising. It was overt and pervasive as the world was a blur of noise and distraction emanating from adverts seemingly everywhere.  The additional component to the targeted ads is everyone was having their retina scanned as part of the societal security. We aren’t that far from this becoming a reality in our own lives.

As annoying as that future must seem, I’m troubled by the everyday intrusion of advertisement in my life. It is difficult to look outside the home or office without seeing an endorsement or advertisement. Even in the home if you watch TV or listen to the radio you are confronted with ads and slogans. Indeed it’s big business to come up with an ad, jingle, quick quip, slogan or logo. Some people have become walking billboards proudly displaying the motorcycle, car or athletic supporter they use. Jesus is driving  me nuts

Lately however I’ve grown more annoyed by all the apparel and social media endorsements I see for religion. It seems anywhere I go I find someone insists their brand of religious preference loves me or looks out for me. Frankly, I wish they would stop it because it’s just not working for me. I’m not talking about the Deity of choice not working for me, although there’s some truth in that, I’m talking about the silly and obnoxious slogans. Clearly the poster, wearer or endorser feel they have a right to tell me about their choices but honestly between the drinks, bikes and free clothing, I just don’t have the capacity to get behind an even more ethereal, good time feeling, my life is so much better than yours product.

Yes, it’s gotten to that point. God, Jesus Christ are all given special place on the radio, television and social media sites where I supposedly stay in close contact with friends and family. Their logos and slogans are everywhere. I don’t see or hear an awful lot of Vishnu, Shiva or Allah in my little corner of the world but I’m quite sure they are amply promoted outside my limited confines.

I have to admit a certain ignorance of the effectiveness in there placement as if they are going to convert the masses to the endorsers way of thinking just as if I must rush out and get the latest shoe or dress. Dress? Did I say dress? Oh well I guess the secret’s no longer…

It doesn’t make much sense to me when you pause to think about the use of Religious logossome of these symbols. Take the cross as a symbol, as it stands for the suffering and ultimate death of a much revered person. Had he been hung by a rope or beaten by club would we so proudly display a hanging rope or a large club on our buildings and transport? The cross was used to kill people in very inhumane ways. Even a death by hanging is less cruel. Yet an instrument for torture and death gets promoted as a good thing? Then we have a fish which of course is supposed to have early Christian historical significance but today how many people know these stories or even care. As people drive down the road with cars and trucks with an ovoid sticker do some people become amused by it suggesting a fish tale?

I went online to Facebook today and saw the pages I wished to look at dotted with more brand endorsement.  Don’t these people understand how annoying this gets after awhile? If they saw ads for Vishnu plastered everywhere, what would they think? Religious slogans

Politicians stand up and declare their strong belief and faith then turn around and are incredibly dishonest. I’ve had friends and family who proclaim their undying support but I can’t trust their honesty or judgment. C’mon people have a little respect and tone the message down. For once I would like to be inundated with people living their lives in harmony with these religious artifacts, not screaming in my face about what they believe and how I need to conform.

I apologize if this offends someone that read this blog entry but I did warn you upfront and after all isn’t my opinion of value as well?