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Why Should I Care?

old worn bridgeOver the years I’ve pushed the envelope on asking questions of myself or others, Things come to mind in an amusing way sometimes and at other times far more serious.  Occasionally, I have written something which a friend of mine might respond, I need to confine my concerns and look into something different. All well and good if my mind was all that focused on only ‘acceptable ideas’. After all, that’s a topic in and of itself, but society has it’s rules and many of them aren’t as much written as collectively understood.

Well no matter, I have thoughts which aren’t neatly confined to ‘appropriate topics’. A small incident last week surfaced a recurring thought, one in which I have no answers merely inquiries. That thought was, are the hearts of men (and women), failing them? This thought was triggered by a small event while appearing before a judge on a civil matter and the attorney stated he wanted to press ahead so he wouldn’t have to see me again. I thought at the time, what an odd choice of words. I barely met this man and talked with him perhaps all of two minutes and these are the words he chose? The inconsequential nature of this situation and a phrase exhumed as a shoddy attempt to be dismissive that came across as “I’m so much more important, I don’t want to have dealings with you again.”

This little phrase reminded me of other events in my life as well as observing those around me who were involved in a situation where someone else decides they are through with you as it no longer suits their purpose. Go away little person because I can’t gain any advantage, pleasure, power or money from you.  I’m reminded of events leading to the special day when a child is born or couples are married or a new employment and or business relationship begins. There’s all the buzz and excitement of the new experience or person and then months or years later all the joy is gone. The bloom is off the rose and the affected person(s) are no longer welcome, wanted or needed.

What of the child brought into a relationship built on attraction between two people but no commitment to each other or the child. What’s that child supposed to do when one or both of the parents lose interest? Where does the child go to fulfill the societal edict of ‘just move on?’ What about the employee who finds their services are no longer required when suddenly there aren’t new employment opportunities available for that person because some unwritten societal rule suggests the person is too old? Where are they to go?

What happens to the spouse when the other grows tired of them and says, I no longer love you or want you around? I want someone new to excite me because I deserve someone better. They start out with the idea they are going to stay together until death, but few of us are capable of such a potentially long contract. Employment is typically understood to be short term but what about those with contracts? Are the contracts not worth the paper they’re printed on?

When the Christian or Muslim says to the unbeliever, because you don’t accept what we believe you are to be cast out, are going to hell or you must be killed, what does that really say about the group passing that judgment? Are all these behaviors just one and the same? Have we really been so caught up with ourselves and the superiority of our thoughts that we can say, go away or worse, I must kill you because only what I care about or think or feel matters?

Is the collective conscious of people thinking in a maze of mindless corridors of self importance lost to the consequences of those actions? I’m reminded of a song written and sung years ago. Its words now seem to have more meaning to me than when it first aired.

Ed Ames ~ Who Will Answer?
Written by Davis / Aute

From the canyons of the mind,
We wander on and stumble blindly
Through the often-tangled maze
Of starless nights and sunless days,
While casting for some kind of clue
Or road to lead us to the truth,
But who will answer?

Side by side two people stand,
Together vowing, hand-in-hand
That love’s imbedded in their hearts,
But soon an empty feeling starts
To overwhelm their hollow lives,
And when we seek the hows and whys,
Who will answer?

High upon a lonely ledge,
a figure teeters near the edge,
And jeering crowds collect below
To egg him on with, “Go, man, go!”
And who will ask what led him
To his private day of doom,
And who will answer?

On a strange and distant hill,
A young man’s lying very still.
His arms will never hold his child,
Because a bullet running wild
Has cut him down. And now we cry,
“Dear God, Oh, why, oh, why?”
And who will answer?

If the soul is darkened by a fear it cannot name,
If the mind is baffled when the rules don’t fit the game,
Who will answer? Who will answer? Who will answer?

In the rooms of dark and shades,
The scent of sandalwood pervades.
The colored thoughts in muddled heads
Reclining in rumpled beds
Of unmade dreams that can’t come true,
And when we ask what we should do,
Who? Who will answer?

‘Neath the spreading mushroom tree,
The world revolves in apathy
As overhead, a row of specks
Roars on, drowned out by discotheques,
And if a secret button’s pressed
Because one man has been outguessed,
Who will answer?

Is our hope in walnut shells
Worn ’round the neck with temple bells,
Or deep within some cloistered walls
Where hooded figures pray in halls?
Or crumbled books on dusty shelves,
Or in our stars, or in ourselves,
Who will answer?

If the soul is darkened
By a fear it cannot name,
If the mind is baffled
When the rules don’t fit the game,
Who will answer? Who will answer? Who will answer?
Alleluiah! Alleluiah! Alleluiah!EMD BL2 Monon RR

A child was gunned down in Liberia today.
A bomb went off in Iraq.
. .  But it wasn’t anyone I knew . .