Hey Google What’s Up?!

It’s all over the news right now. Google is changing the way they do business with those of us using their services. They want to identify us more by combining all the collected data in software platforms in which they provide service. If you use Google search, YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, blogspot, etc., they want to aggregate individual data to be able to track, quantify and ultimately sell those capabilities to their paying clientele.

New Google policiesSooner or later all of us in the tech universe should realize it comes down to making more money and when you have provided all these services and have the technical savvy which Google possess, it’s only a matter of time whereby the anonymous nature of the individual wanting to use their service is going to give up more of that anonymity to feed ‘the beast’. Facebook has been moving in that direction and now Google.

Effective March 1st 2012, if you want to continue to use their services you will be automatically agreeing with their new policy. You won’t be able to click somewhere on the screen to ‘opt out’. The only way to opt out is to close your account if it is provided by Google and quit using their search engine.

Want to learn more on what your options are and how this might affect you? Go hereGoogle changes FAQ.