What is a Friend?

Ron - have engineering bag will travel

Today I meet a friend that I haven’t seen in person over 30 years, yet we have known each other for just over 50. We built snow forts together, chased things, listened to music, bicycled city streets and trails, went to state fairs and attended weddings. All of this was done before the Internet was invented or cell phones. As a matter of fact for many of our earlier years both our families were too poor to own a telephone so we ‘dropped by’ to see each other. Now even my grandfather and I use Skype and can call at anytime.

So obviously technology isn’t the thing that keeps friends together, what is it? I read where some say it’s because they were soul mates or complimented each other. I can’t remember the last time I complimented my friend let alone regard him as some sort of soul mate. I think that’s gal talk for I think I like him and I want to. . . Well, you know.

So what keeps people together for longer than most marriages? Rather than me trying to analyze or dissect it, what does friendship mean to you?

Oh and by the way, let’s leave your pets out of this discussion. I know you have a special place in your heart for your pet gold-fish or boa constrictor but lets confine this to another human.

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