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A lot has been and will continue to be said about Steve Jobs after yesterday’s announcement of his resignation as CEO of Apple. You can read numerous articles about him and perhaps this one is just overly simplistic, but it is afterall my blog.

Steve Jobs started Apple Computer with a high school friend, Steve Wozniak in a garage in 1976.

I first learned about Apple in 1977. I worked for a company which started retail of personal computers in 1978. They were offered an exclusive franchise in the immediate geographic area for the Apple II but thought they had a better understanding of the market and turned it down for a personal computer few would remember. They, like many others failed to see the marketplace vision Apple had and were caught up with bits and bytes rather than what the general consumer would find useful in a computer product. This has been the hallmark of his creativity as Steve Jobs lead Apple resurgence when he was rehired to take the reins of Apple.

In a 1985 interview with Newsweek, Jobs responded with this answer when asked if he felt his company had been taken from him:

To me, Apple exists in the spirit of the people that work there, and the sort of philosophies and purpose by which they go about their business. So if Apple just becomes a place where computers are a commodity item and where the romance is gone, and where people forget that computers are the most incredible invention that man has ever invented, then I’ll feel I have lost Apple. But if I’m a million miles away and all those people still feel those things and they’re still working to make the next great personal computer, then I will feel that my genes are still in there.

I can truly say from my perspective there is no one else on the planet that has the same level of creativity and technical savvy combined with excellent business acumen.

Long live Steve Jobs.


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