Civil Liberty and the Use of Everyday Technology

What is in the water or the air we breathe these last 10 years? Is it the left over effects of 911?

Why do we seemingly give up liberties as if they don’t matter in the name of increased security or utility company convenience? When I write programs for pharmaceutical, industrial parts tracking or machinery control applications, I do so with the idea in mind of improving efficiency, accuracy or safety. I never have faced the moral dilemma of writing an application which essentially allows 24 x 7 eavesdropping into all of our household activities.

For some, this may seem like paranoia but imagine a government police action that decides to focus on homes in a given area to determine who is home, what appliances they might have on, time of day for those activities and when they might enter the home when no one is there. They might also use the collected data to determine if you are running a business out of the house or if you were home when a crime may have been committed.

Think this isn’t possible or likely? Think again because just like the establishment of the intrusive and sometimes manhandling TSA at airports, this type of wireless monitoring of your home has become a reality. You should watch this video and consider the implications of these new smart meters power companies have installed in many homes throughout the country.

The video does provide resource material you may use to disallow your ‘implied consent’ and unlawful installation of these wireless monitoring devices. This country has laws against wire tapping and the utility companies attempt to explain and justify their unlawful practice through the concept of ‘implied consent’.