Clever Low Tech Solution

I’ve always liked bicycles or motorbikes. The problem I have as I’ve grown older isn’t that I can’t ride, it’s the problems we face in traffic. At least with a motorcycle I can use speed to get out of some situations but clearly there are some talented and dedicated to mayhem drivers out there. Look at the annual motor vehicle accident statistics and you will think the last wars in the Middle East are a walk in the park compared to the loss of life or permanent disability via traffic accident.

Part of the problem for bicyclists are the lack of safe lanes. Some cities have them but they don’t guarantee safety from the drivers who often don’t care or worse, see you as a target they should scrape, open doors or open a window and throw something at. Of all the efforts pushed on the public to go green and save the environment and perhaps shed a few pounds along the way, the bike can be an answer.

While looking for something entirely different on the web, I found this bike. I’m sure several of you have wandered the paths of Google or Yahoo and found things completely different than what you intended but found it interesting none the less. Well here’s something that looks interesting and clever to me. I haven’t seen these ply the streets where I live but I’m going to see if there is a shop that sells them for a closer look. Here’s the link to CargoBikes.