Moving Forward

This weekend marked another annual event, my birthday. Like so many others before, the time came and went with a little fanfare and celebration with members of my family.

I went to church with my invited family, something they did out of respect for my wishes and I think they enjoyed the pastor’s ‘blessing of the book bags’ which may have seemed a little unusual, however it was designed to share in the humor and celebration of another annual event, back to school.

He decided to invite the kids up having asked them in prior weeks to bring their book bags in with them and they would share in an event. Great fun if you realize the point was to honor the event of returning to school with a little humorous advice as to no amount of praying or wishing is going to get you through school or an A grade unless you study and prepare.

I know of no genius but the genius of hard work.
 – John Ruskin

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
 – Thomas A. Edison

Apart from all his other inventions for which he is famous, one which Thomas Edison is not commonly known for is his coining of the word “hello”, in 1877.  It was his solution to the question “What does one say to start a telephone conversation?”


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Paul Kapcin

    Dam** “KIDS.” No respect for their elders. Happy UNburtday to you JO!!!!! After awhile you don’t want to be reminded how freakin old you are getting.. Getting, Hah, BIG joke I am already there and wondering when the heck the second childhood will be…

  2. Harry

    Well Happy belated Birthday Mike. Mine was at the end of July. I guess there ain’t no stoppin’ ’em, huh? Before long, we’ll be as old as Paul…

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