A Little Too Much Technology

atomic particleI used to think there was never something that was too high tech to learn and experiment with however this latest BBC news story caught my eye.

Richard Handl from Sweden decided while unemployed and with extra time on his hands to satisfy his curiosity. Why not attempt to split the atom?  He worked in his kitchen on an experiment to build a device that theoretically would create nuclear fission. He told the BBC World Service he had bought the radioactive materials on the internet and from Germany. splitting an atom

I didn’t realize one could accomplish such a feat at home, however this man posted regular entries in his online Blog. Only after he contacted Sweden’s radiation authority to check if what he was doing was legal did the authorities step in and confiscate his materials and computer.

I wonder if his computer contained pornography too? Something more I guess for the local officials to look into.

BTW – What’s going on with Scandinavian people these days? First we hear about a Norwegian man run amok shooting people, now we have someone from Sweden attempting to construct equipment that will split an atom in his apartment.