What’s Happening?

Going Out of Business

Is this America's future?

I commented before on the basic evolution of a business, similar in many respects to some marriages.  As a review I’ve outlined the progression below.

1 – Discovery: Oh the excitement of startups
2 – Romance & courtship: we’re still excited! – learning more each day marketing, economic validation.
3 – Marriage: Now we’ve done it! daily operations, planning the future, growing the business.
4 – Long Term Development: product improvement, making adjustments.
5 – Divorce: rightsizing, downsizing, reorganization, bankruptcy, out of business.

I went to one of my favorite haunts today and witnessed another all too often repeated chapter of the protracted business cycle over the last several years. That business is Borders books.

Closing of Borders bookstore means saying goodbye to an old friend.

It seems I’m not the only one that will miss this much loved retail chain. Click on the link above to see the article which echoes my thoughts on this and similar business closings.

I try to stay positive about the future of small and large business and even my own future with mounting evidence to the contrary. As I drive past the partially or some completely closed shopping  centers and read about current national economic news, I keep wondering when will it end? Is there a solution or is the economy of the US sliding into a third rung of a few haves and mostly have nots?

I hear responses from don’t focus attention to it and it will go away or don’t spend time thinking about it because it will only depress you.  If somehow we shift our attention and efforts in other directions does the problem just go away by itself? Are the mounting future government financial debts going to send us into a mess like Greece? As of this writing our national debt is slightly higher than our entire years output, GDP.

The US can no longer fund a viable space program, it can’t decide how to reduce it’s spending to save it’s future, full-time employment has decreased for many and the published economic statistics can’t be trusted.

Do we just ignore the 600 pound gorilla in the room? How can we as a nation get back on our feet or are we just sinking? What do you think?