Space and Time

I’ve been advised to think of ideas that are important as momentary fleeting thought and to set aside all other activities until I write down those thoughts. I believe this is one of those moments.

I considered the way we think or progress as it relates to something we always assume is linear and that is time itself. I believe our world understands time as though we were on a train track. Each movement of the train represents a new position at a new time. This movement is limited in that we can see the train has the ability to move along the track either back or forth but it doesn’t have the ability to move up or down. Of course we are able to see how limiting this is because we can think spatially.3 dimensions represented by X Y Z

Air travel allows us to not only move back and forth but also up or down. Mathematically we represent these movements as X Y & Z.

X represents horizontal direction, Y vertical and Z azimuth or the third dimension. So no matter how we envision time we see it as nothing more than X, Y, Z, moving linearly along t. What if however our current understanding of time is so limited by the physical dimension we operate in to not be able to truly understand time as it 3 dimensional X Y Z sphereexists.

What if time could be represented in a manner we are more able to see. Think of the model represented by X Y Z. We are able to visualize the movement of each of the dimensions using a sphere.

If time could be visualized as being orthogonal, thus not preserving coordinates in space, we might look at it as positions wrapped around themselves.

Again this is not a true visual representation as we are limited in what we know and understand and can illustrate.Attempt to represent the nature of time and events

If time could be looked at as another dimension, and we could visualize a slide rule with the activities of life or events we refer to as history, then the slide rule cursor could represent moments in time. As we move the slide we could see different results for events based on that given moment in time.

Perhaps if time travel were possible as the H.G. Wells novel imagined then we might see the cause and effect of events as they evolve through time.

As far as inventing time travel, I have no idea if it is possible. Clearly it isn’t with our level of understanding and it’s a good thing since we are already perplexed in using the inventions and machines we currently possess.