Classes or Typing of Civilizations

Dr. Michio Kaku talks about different types of intelligent civilizations.

Type 0 – defines a civilization which derives it’s energy primarily from dead fossils of plants and animals. This is where we are now as we begin to understand and unravel the differences between matter and energy and harness the power of the atom. Exploratory space travel is yet to become a significant aspect as power resources and materials are just beginning to evolve.

Type 1 – is a planetary civilization; where they harness and control the planetary resources and energy. They have control over earthquakes, volcanoes and weather. As they begin to exhaust these planetary resources they move on to the next level.

Type 2 – is stellar; this group of sentient beings have the ability to harness the energy of their nearest star. Not the simple solar cell momentary power grab but sustainable energy absorption from their nearest star. After this no longer is sufficient to power their large machinery, they move into the next phase of civilization development.

Type 3 – is galactic; defines a civilization capable of harnessing the power of billions of stars within a galaxy. Exploration beyond their galaxy is possible and probable. Entire cities operate independent of any single planet association.

Looking back at popular science fiction, we can make the following assumptions: HELP!! No intelligent life here . .

Buck Rogers… Type 1
Star Trek……… Type 2
Star Wars…….. Type 3

I’m writing to inform you that to my knowledge there is no intelligent life beyond this planet. In fact all of you are just a figment of my imagination.