Basic IT Operational Requirements

One rogue IT employee can do more damage than an army of hackers. Here’s how companies can protect themselves.

When trusted IT pros go bad See Computerword article April 18, 2011

Some (not all) Basic IT functions

1 – IT policy  Written rules of the road are needed for every organization.
2  – Administrative access  In conjunction with policies, who holds the keys to the kingdom? Secure all key access passwords and user names in a safe place.
3 –  Accurate Inventory  Hardware and software. Spend the time and resources to avoid a business disaster.
4  –  Disaster recovery  How prepared are you for loss of data, facilities, power and key personnel?
5  – Communication  Are goals and process understood by all? Do you know your staff and their function. Can you identify things being done properly by your staff? Can you identify things requiring improvement?