More Techno-lust

I admit it, the latest IPad incarnation is a fantastic piece of equipment. The features and quality are top notch and as anyone that has seen version 2 it has only gotten better.  There is a little competition in the graphic pad arena but I’m sure Apple isn’t overly concerned at this time.

I have come across this alternative which requires a little modification of the original Nook Color pad. As the explanation is written the changes will add many useful features but also void the warranty. So this isn’t something I recommend for most users to try. Here is another link found under a very useful site –

As long as I’m on the topic of clever modifications to graphic based handhelds, here’s another link to modify a neat little product the Microtouch. This is definitely a Geek product and not yet ready for the consumer purchase and use marketplace.

The line is increasingly blurry between Pad and Pod as the features and usability extend into numerous handheld offerings. To me the gold standard for Phones that fit this category is again from Apple. The IPhone just is so well thought out in useful function, however there are several good competitors worthy of examination. HTC Desire offers a small package and nice features.

I’m sure this will change as soon as another round of new models come out, however this article compares and rates the 10 best cell phones. No matter how you slice it there are a lot of good choices available now.