Tired of SPAM?

This tech tip isn’t about the canned meat product. Many readers might like that as a food. Do you receive a significant amount of SPAM – ( undesired e-mail )? Would you like to reduce the quantity of unwanted e-mail?

Here are a few quick tips to help control this crud…

1 – Don’t bother to click on the unsubscribe option in the message. Most of the time this will just get you on someone else’s list. Advertisers sell your e-mail address to others to enhance their revenue.

2- Do you sign up for things advertised? Do you activate software or sign up to receive a white paper on something technical? Each time you are asked to enter an e-mail address to receive an activation code or a link to an e-mail address to confirm your activated sign on.
Try one of these disposable e-mail services as a temporary e-mail address to receive the activation. After you are finished the address just goes away, leaving spammers a dead end address.

 · mytrashmail This provider gives you a 48 hour window to collect your temporary e-mail.

 · mailinator easy to use and you can see your temp e-mail from the first screen.

 · mintemail very easy to use and you can see your temp e-mail from the first screen. You only have 3 hours in which to collect your temporary e-mail.

 · guerrillamail This provider allows you to not only receive but also send from a temporary e-mail address.

3 – Carefully consider your ready desire to become a pawn in the advertisers game. One of the many ways this occurs is when you select an option as in facebook that you LIKE something, a sure fire ready promo used for product endorsement.