Some Everyday Tech Tips

Here are a few recent useful ideas for living in the tech world.

How to save a wet cellphone. First, what happens when your cellphone decides to go for a swim? Can you recover from it taking an unexpected bath and what about your warranty? Let’s answer the warranty question first. You will most likely not be covered unless your contract is a lot different than most, once your cellphone gets seriously wet, the chemical dot inside will change color letting the manufacture know it has been dunked. After the drowning your warranty is voided. Not what you want to hear but the phone may still become usable. This article tells you how to recover and reuse a cellphone. The important part to reusing a cellphone if it gets wet is to get it dry as soon as possible. My methods were different when my cellphone went for a drink. First I got it out as quickly as possible. I don’t want to tell you where I had to stick my hand. Next, I dried it as much as possible using a hair dryer and making sure I wasn’t on the intense heat setting. Then I used an alcohol swab down on the outside as well as part of the inside using 90% rubbing alcohol. Again, I’m not saying where the phone decided to take a dive or why I would be so dumb as to have it in my shirt pocket. Next thing I did was lay it out on the rail of the back deck and let the sun dry it out. It worked mostly reliable after about a day of this treatment except the phone would turn back on after I shut it off.

So you have a CD or DVD that has been scratched and no longer plays, can you do anything to help it? Here’s an article on that topic.
How to recover a scratched DVD.
I have successfully used Pledge to recover a scratched CD, maybe that will work for you. It’s not an endorsement of a specific furniture polish, because any type without a dye in it should work as well.