Ever wonder why there are so many personal web pages? After all do any of us in the blog-o-sphere have something worthwhile to say? Probably not, but I won’t let that stop me!

Adding my own comments on current or past technology are the main features of this site. I’ve been working with computers and analog tech since 1968. Hopefully that disclosure doesn’t eliminate me from the discussion, rather I would hope the perspective of someone that has such vast experience adds to the texture of the the net…

China claims supercomputer crown China develops world's most powerful supercomputer
Using 14,000 Intel CPU’s and over 7000 Nvidia graphics cards, China has come up with the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Soon to be released on Wal-Mart shelves this Christmas. —oo(O_O)oo—

OK, so the last statement is a bit of a stretch. The truth of the matter is there have been incredible advancements to computers since the late 1960’s when I first started to take notice. What a wild ride it’s been ever since. Truthfully my youthful optimism thought we would have cured many of the major diseases still plaguing us and maybe even world peace.

Of course none of those materialized, instead we are left with technology that allows us to meet past friends through social networking and create connections to each other through e-mail as well as play imaginary games and become fantasy musicians. None of those ideas seemed all that important until the last part of the 20th century and into the first decade of the 21st.

Good use for VoIP
We are left with tech that is slick and imaginative and one of those ideas which I believe will again drive the commercial market into areas not previously imagined is the I-Pod Touch and Wi-Fi calls on your I-Pod or I-PadI-Pad. Apple has developed some very slick hardware but what makes it attractive is the packaging and some of the applications that are currently available. There will be a lot more I’m sure but Line2 forms the basis of another revolutionary product. VoIP telephony explained. For very low cost each month you can turn either of these products into inexpensive telephone and text messaging devices using any local wi-fi connection.

Yes, there is an ACME and the products they have are examACME Klein bottleples of one dimensional physics. A Klein bottle is a continuous closed ended loop bottle which provides a wonderful addition to your coffee table or display shelf. Imagine the stimulating conversations initiated by a guest first observing the lines and curves and wondering, what is that thing good for??

Ever ask yourself, why?


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