We are pebbles on a beach Ever wonder why there are so many personal web pages?  After all, do all of us in the blog-o-sphere have something worthwhile to say?

Probably not, but I won’t let that stop me!

Hello, I’m Mike Livingston and welcome to my personal blog.

You may find some ideas that interest you, laugh at, scream at the moon about or find you want to share.

I’m not reluctant in the way I approach any topic. I believe adults are the likely audience for reading this blog and I don’t believe in talking down or ashamed of the way I communicate with people. I’m not out to offend. I’m desirous of provoking thought on the topics I write about.

Come back once in a while. Look this over as it probably will have changed and new things added. You will find all regular blog entries under the menu tab Blog.

Select any month to read from my Previous Posts, shown as a pull down option in the right column. You can also Search Archives for a topic in any of my blog. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting.

Feel free to add your comments, however, you are required to register before they will be posted.

Judge Roy Bean Saloon sign Langtry Texas

Judge Roy Bean Saloon sign Langtry Texas

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